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6 Simple Steps to Create your Website from Scratch in 2020

In this post, I am going to demystify how to create your own website from scratch and be online with your business to gain customers. It has become increasingly important to have a presence online as consumer habits have changed and more and more people are searching for business online. I will take you through the process outlining the steps to get you up and running online in no time.

What do I need to create my Website from scratch?

To create your website, you need to gather a few tools which you most likely already have.

1. Computer

You need a functioning computer or laptop on which to create your website.

2. Internet Acess

You need a fast and reliable internet connection to get you online

3. Website platform

You need a platform on which to create your website. Popular ones include Wix, Wordpress, Squarespace

4. Hosting

You need a platform to host your site. Most website creating platforms also offer hosting to the sites.

5. Domain

You need a domain name to link to your site to get it online. It's always best to get a name in line wth your business or main keyword.

It is also worth mentioning most website building platforms usually come with hosting, buying domains and buying business emails so you can set it all up in one place easily.

How do I create a website for my small business from scratch?

We are now going to go through creating a website for your small business from scratch after gathering required tools. You can create the website yourself using coding but do not worry if you are not a web developer. Most of the website platforms such as Wix have website builders and templates that enable you to build websites easily without any knowledge of programming.

Let's get on with the steps to create the website.

1.Choose a website platform.

You should choose a website platform to create the site. There are several of them so choose one that suits your budget and is easy for you to use. If you do not have experience, it's best to use one that offers a Website builder such as Wix or squarespace and you can create your website in an hour.

You should chose a template based on your preference and niche.

2. Add Content to Website

You can then add background, pages and sections to pages. The number of pages depends on the website you are creating. A simple website will include a Homepage, an About page, Services and Contact page. You can then add sections to pages if you wish to divide the page into sections. Then you populate each page with relevant content. You can add images to the webpages as you choose. You can then choose a background colour and font for text added. You should customize the site but it's important to do this bearing user experience in mind.

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3. Host your website

Your website needs to be hosted on a webspace so you need to buy a hosting package. You can get a hosting package as cheap as 1 pound per month on ionos. Wix also provides free hosting when you pay to build your website on their platform and prices for website building on wix start from 4 pounds per month.

4. Connect to domain

You are now ready to connect your website to your purchased domain and publish it live. Congratulations on this, this is a milestone.

5. On page SEO Optimization

You should edit meta title and meta description on every page with relevant keywords you want to rank for so that search engines can understand what your page is about for it to appear in relevant searches. Website builders such as wix come with simple to use interface to write meta data without any html and it guides you on how to do it effectively.

6. Connect to Google

To enable site to be quickly indexed on google, you need to connect a gmail account to Google console, add your website and submit a sitemap. Your website will then be live on google and can start ranking. Again, wix allows you to do this simply by enabling you to connect to google console with your gmail on wix. It then submits your sitemap for you.

Great, your site is live and indexed on google. Remember to continually edit the site to improve user experience. If you do not have time or you want expert help to build your small business website to high standards, let us know and we will be happy to help.

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